ClubpenguinIf you go on Clubpenguin then you might see me on there. I go on Clubpenguin like, everyday!!!My penguins name is dezertdivaa i was dezertdiva but i got banned forever so,yea.I go on Mammoth Rocky Road or any other random server that my friends are on. I only add people that i know or have met or heard nice things about them. I have many friends on clubpenguin my favorite 2 penguins on clubpenguin are Lipgloss5714 and vanessabaybi.They are my best friends in real life.I am really


2 Responses to “ClubPenguin”

  1. grammerstacey Says:

    DezertDivaa Yay thats me LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cag97 Says:

    yo wasup dez cool site visit mine as you know happy posting ! lol

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